Commit 2a92a3a7 authored by Jekyll Wu's avatar Jekyll Wu
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Do not clear selection after pasting.

The old behavior has a long history, initially introduced by commit
1e3c3e27 more than 10 years ago. I fail to understand its intention
(some safeguard?), and I think keeping the selection is more useful in
work flow.

Keep it in master branch for now.  No backporting.

CCBUG: 240335
parent 3b8f1198
......@@ -2484,8 +2484,6 @@ void TerminalDisplay::doPaste(QString text, bool appendReturn)
// perform paste by simulating keypress events
QKeyEvent e(QEvent::KeyPress, 0, Qt::NoModifier, text);
emit keyPressedSignal(&e);
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