Commit 2cf9715e authored by Jekyll Wu's avatar Jekyll Wu
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Revert "Take snapshot of session state periodically in the background"

That commit causes some side effects related with monitoring
activivy/silence. Better not to include it in a minor release

CCBUG: 271275

This reverts commit 7d56686c.
parent 7d56686c
......@@ -163,13 +163,6 @@ SessionController::SessionController(Session* session , TerminalDisplay* view, Q
connect( _view , SIGNAL(keyPressedSignal(QKeyEvent*)) , activityTimer , SLOT(start()) );
connect( activityTimer , SIGNAL(timeout()) , this , SLOT(snapshot()) );
// take a snapshot of the session state periodically in the background
QTimer* backgroundTimer = new QTimer(_session);
connect(backgroundTimer, SIGNAL(timeout()), this, SLOT(snapshot()));
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