Commit 2d4890ae authored by Kurt Hindenburg's avatar Kurt Hindenburg

correct version

parent bd916688
# Konsole project # Konsole project
project(Konsole) project(Konsole)
set(Konsole_VERSION_MAJOR 3) set(Konsole_VERSION_MAJOR 3)
set(Konsole_VERSION_MINOR 1) set(Konsole_VERSION_MINOR 0)
set(Konsole_VERSION_PATCH 0) set(Konsole_VERSION_PATCH 1)
set(Konsole_VERSION "${Konsole_VERSION_MAJOR}.${Konsole_VERSION_MINOR}.${Konsole_VERSION_PATCH}") set(Konsole_VERSION "${Konsole_VERSION_MAJOR}.${Konsole_VERSION_MINOR}.${Konsole_VERSION_PATCH}")
# minimal requirements # minimal requirements
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