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......@@ -378,7 +378,7 @@ various enhancements in Konsole.
<keycombo action="simul">&Ctrl;&Shift;<keycap>PgDown</keycap></keycombo>
scroll up/down to previous/next command prompt.</para></listitem>
<listitem><para>Visual hints:
<listitem><para>Visual hints:</para>
A line is displayed above each prompt, prompt colors are less intense,
......@@ -397,6 +397,7 @@ A gray bar is displayed to the left of the input and output lines of every other
A gray background for the input and output lines of every other command.
Each of those may be configured to never show, always show, or only when URL hints are shown. The configuration is in the
<guilabel>Semantic Integration</guilabel> tab of the <guilabel>General</guilabel> page of the profile configuration
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