Commit 38bb7aa2 authored by Tomaz  Canabrava's avatar Tomaz Canabrava
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Remove Ghost Entries of the Open Folder With

There were two bugs with the previous implementation
one is that it didn't took in consideration the
Profile -> Mouse -> Advanced -> Underline Files
With that enabled, right click on the name of the folder
would give you a Open Folder With entry, so we would
end with two actions.

The other bug also triggered when that setting is enabled:
we never marked the Open Folder With for removal, after
inserting the menu for the underlined file.
parent 372c14da
......@@ -1827,6 +1827,7 @@ void SessionController::showDisplayContextMenu(const QPoint &position)
copy->setShortcut(Konsole::ACCEL | Qt::SHIFT | Qt::Key_C);
// Adds a "Open Folder With" action
const QUrl currentUrl = url().isLocalFile() ? url() : QUrl::fromLocalFile(QDir::homePath());
KFileItem item(currentUrl);
......@@ -1841,14 +1842,26 @@ void SessionController::showDisplayContextMenu(const QPoint &position)
for (auto* elm : old) {
// Finish Ading the "Open Folder With" action.
QList<QAction *> toRemove = std::move(neu);
QList<QAction *> toRemove;
// prepend content-specific actions such as "Open Link", "Copy Email Address" etc
QSharedPointer<HotSpot> hotSpot = view()->filterActions(position);
if (hotSpot != nullptr) {
popup->insertActions(popup->actions().value(0, nullptr), hotSpot->actions() << contentSeparator);
toRemove = hotSpot->setupMenu(;
// Can happen if we click on a right click, on a folder.
// if this happens, we need to remove this action as we have
// already added the action before this if.
if (toRemove[0]->text() == i18n("&Open Folder With")) {
delete toRemove[0];
toRemove = toRemove + neu;
} else {
toRemove = neu;
// always update this submenu before showing the context menu,
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