Commit 3b5db6cf authored by Jekyll Wu's avatar Jekyll Wu
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Move the info about icon and homepage to a more outstanding place

parent 2e7cad19
......@@ -189,6 +189,9 @@ void fillCommandLineOptions(KCmdLineOptions& options)
void fillAboutData(KAboutData& aboutData)
aboutData.addAuthor(ki18nc("@info:credit", "Kurt Hindenburg"),
ki18nc("@info:credit", "General maintainer, bug fixes and general"
" improvements"),
......@@ -260,8 +263,6 @@ void fillAboutData(KAboutData& aboutData)
ki18nc("@info:credit", "Bug fixes"),
aboutData.addCredit(ki18nc("@info:credit", "Thanks to many others.\n"));
void restoreSession(Application& app)
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