Commit 4503e7ef authored by Tomaz  Canabrava's avatar Tomaz Canabrava
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Do not delete the Open With action

But change the title so it matches what we want to do
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......@@ -1852,12 +1852,15 @@ void SessionController::showDisplayContextMenu(const QPoint &position)
toRemove = hotSpot->setupMenu(;
// Can happen if we click on a right click, on a folder.
// if this happens, we need to remove this action as we have
// already added the action before this if.
if (toRemove[0]->text() == i18n("&Open Folder With")) {
delete toRemove[0];
// The action above can create an action for Open Folder With,
// for the selected folder, but then we have two different
// Open Folder With - with different folders on each.
// Change the text of the second one, that points to the
// current folder.
for (auto *action : neu) {
if (action->objectName() == QStringLiteral("openWith_submenu")) {
action->setText(i18n("Open Current Folder With"));
toRemove = toRemove + neu;
} else {
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