Commit 46d9100f authored by Carlos Alves's avatar Carlos Alves Committed by Kurt Hindenburg
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Correct columns size with highlightScrolledLines

When highlightScrolledLines is set to display the Konsole new window
will open with the display profile terminal size columns  - 1.
Now it will check the options and correct the Konsole size to display
all columns set in profile terminal size.

BUG: 429600
parent fd59b50e
......@@ -218,8 +218,12 @@ void SessionManager::applyProfile(Session *session, const Profile::Ptr &profile,
if (apply.shouldApply(Profile::TerminalColumns)
|| apply.shouldApply(Profile::TerminalRows)) {
const auto columns = profile->property<int>(Profile::TerminalColumns);
const auto highlightScrolledLines = profile->property<bool>(Profile::HighlightScrolledLines);
const auto rows = profile->property<int>(Profile::TerminalRows);
auto columns = profile->property<int>(Profile::TerminalColumns);
// highlightScrolledLines takes 1 column to display, correct it
// adding 1 to terminal initial columns profile preference
columns += highlightScrolledLines ? 1 : 0;
session->setPreferredSize(QSize(columns, rows));
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