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Add some quick links - this shows up on the Konsole invent main page

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......@@ -19,7 +19,6 @@ illustrated in the Konsole handbook, which can be accessed by browsing to
| `/desktop` | .desktop files for Konsole, used to launch the program from KDE's various menus and other application launchers. |
| `/data` | Data files for use with Konsole as well as the keyboard setup and color schemes provided with Konsole. |
## Contact
Up-to-date information about the latest releases can be found on Konsole's
......@@ -27,3 +26,10 @@ website at Discussions about Konsole's development are
held on the konsole-devel mailing list, which can be accessed at
## Quick Links
- [KDE Release Schedule](
- [Official Homepage](
- [Builds](
- [Forums](
- [Konsole Bug Reports per Component](
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