Commit 4d77f7a3 authored by Jekyll Wu's avatar Jekyll Wu

New tab will be placed to the right of the current tab.

This is a improved version, which also works well with split view.
parent 60fdf0f9
......@@ -600,18 +600,27 @@ void ViewManager::createView(Session* session)
emit splitViewToggle(false);
int index = -1;
QWidget* activeView = activeView();
ViewContainer* activeContainer = _viewSplitter->activeContainer();
// In all containers the new view will be put at the same position, i.e.,
// the position right after the active view in the active container.
if (activeView)
QList<QWidget*> views = activeContainer->views();
index = views.indexOf(activeView) + 1;
// iterate over the view containers owned by this view manager
// and create a new terminal display for the session in each of them, along with
// a controller for the session/display pair
QListIterator<ViewContainer*> containerIter(_viewSplitter->containers());
while ( containerIter.hasNext() )
ViewContainer* container =;
createView(session, container, index);
ViewContainer* ViewManager::createContainer(const Profile::Ptr info)
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