Commit 54ecd560 authored by Martin Tobias Holmedahl Sandsmark's avatar Martin Tobias Holmedahl Sandsmark
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Fix scrolling down if user presses something which is not just a modifier

If the user presses e. g. arrow up, we should actually scroll down. What
I intended to fix was only the case where the user only pressed a

And hardcoding a list of keys and behaviors is bad and bug prone, so I
think this is the best solution.

REVIEW: 128827
parent 624e6ecd
......@@ -226,7 +226,7 @@ void SessionController::trackOutput(QKeyEvent* event)
// Only jump to the bottom if the user actually typed something in,
// not if the user e. g. just pressed a modifier.
if (event->text().isEmpty()) {
if (event->text().isEmpty() && event->modifiers()) {
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