Commit 58ddcb57 authored by Kurt Hindenburg's avatar Kurt Hindenburg
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For remote session, 'Open File Manager' will open the user's home path.

Currently, when using 'Open File Manager' on a remote session,
unexpected results will occur.  For example, for ssh, it will try to
open another Konsole to ssh into the remote server.
Other options to consider in the future, disabling the menu and
transforming URL into what the user might expect.
BUG: 275287
parent 4477ce50
......@@ -623,9 +623,18 @@ void SessionController::closeSession()
// Trying to open a remote Url may produce unexpected results.
// Therefore, if a remote url, open the user's home path.
// TODO consider: 1) disable menu upon remote session
// 2) transform url to get the desired result (ssh -> sftp, etc)
void SessionController::openBrowser()
new KRun(url(), QApplication::activeWindow());
KUrl currentUrl = url();
if (currentUrl.isLocalFile())
new KRun(currentUrl, QApplication::activeWindow(), 0, true, true);
new KRun(KUrl(QDir::homePath()), QApplication::activeWindow(), 0, true, true);
void SessionController::copy()
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