Commit 64814dae authored by Luis Javier Merino's avatar Luis Javier Merino Committed by Tomaz Canabrava
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Remove obsolete TODO comment

It was done on e37fe694.
parent c0181118
......@@ -50,16 +50,9 @@ void TerminalImageFilterChain::setImage(const Character *const image, int lines,
decoder.decodeLine(image + i * columns, columns, LINE_DEFAULT);
// pretend that each line ends with a newline character.
// pretend that each non-wrapped line ends with a newline character.
// this prevents a link that occurs at the end of one line
// being treated as part of a link that occurs at the start of the next line
// the downside is that links which are spread over more than one line are not
// highlighted.
// TODO - Use the "line wrapped" attribute associated with lines in a
// terminal image to avoid adding this imaginary character for wrapped
// lines
if ((lineProperties.value(i, LINE_DEFAULT) & LINE_WRAPPED) == 0) {
lineStream << QLatin1Char('\n');
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