Commit 65034732 authored by Jekyll Wu's avatar Jekyll Wu
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Use Qt::UniqueConnectio to avoid duplicate connection

parent cc7af665
......@@ -537,9 +537,8 @@ void ViewManager::createView(Session* session, ViewContainer* container, int ind
// notify this view manager when the session finishes so that its view
// can be deleted
// TODO - Find a more efficient a way to avoid multiple connections
disconnect(session , SIGNAL(finished()) , this , SLOT(sessionFinished()));
connect(session , SIGNAL(finished()) , this , SLOT(sessionFinished()));
// Use Qt::UniqueConnection to avoid duplicate connection
connect(session, SIGNAL(finished()), this, SLOT(sessionFinished()), Qt::UniqueConnection);
TerminalDisplay* display = createTerminalDisplay(session);
const Profile::Ptr profile = SessionManager::instance()->sessionProfile(session);
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