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Add a CHANGELOG which summarises the changes in KDE 4.1

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KDE 4.1
New Features:
- Text anti-aliasing can be turned off via the 'Smooth Fonts' option in the profile editor
- Make mouse-wheel scrolling work in "less" and other terminal applications which don't
understand mouse commands.
- BUG 158235 - Support Xterm's clear history escape sequence
- BUG 157256 - The session number can be displayed in tab titles using the %# marker
- Added option to specify whether new sessions start in the same directory as the current
Minor changes:
- Limit tab name length to prevent a single tab from taking up the entire tab bar.
- Fix embedded terminal not gaining focus when shown in Dolphin
- Update scrolling optimisations to work with Qt 4.4
- BUG 159261 - Set both local and remote tab titles when manually renaming a tab
- BUG 152781 - Trailing whitespace at end of selection not copied
- BUG 155801 - Support for setting background and foreground colors of the current session
using the xtermcontrol tool
- BUG 158513 - Re-implement --noclose command-line option. Add -hold as a synonym for
Xterm compatibility
- BUG 120322 - Display a warning and do not close the terminal immediately if the session
cannot be started (eg. because the program is missing). Try to fall back
to $SHELL and then /bin/sh if the program cannot be found
- BUG 159657 - Safer shutdown sequence. Fixes crash which appeared after the changeover
to Qt 4.4
- BUG 159096 - 'Find Next'/'Find Previous' jumped to the wrong line number if the output
contained wrapped lines.
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