Commit 74f64031 authored by Robert Knight's avatar Robert Knight
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Remove redundant check before delete[] and outdated comment.

svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdebase/apps/konsole/; revision=666592
parent a7549dae
......@@ -360,8 +360,7 @@ TerminalDisplay::~TerminalDisplay()
qApp->removeEventFilter( this );
if (_image)
delete[] _image;
delete[] _image;
delete _gridLayout;
delete _outputSuspendedLabel;
......@@ -1355,7 +1354,7 @@ void TerminalDisplay::updateImageSize()
for (int lin = 0; lin < lins; lin++)
delete[] oldimg; //FIXME: try new,delete
delete[] oldimg;
_resizing = (oldlin!=_lines) || (oldcol!=_columns);
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