Commit 7e701cf4 authored by Mariusz Glebocki's avatar Mariusz Glebocki

Reactivate previously active window after flags change

parent b88e677b
......@@ -851,6 +851,9 @@ void MainWindow::setRemoveWindowTitleBarAndFrame(bool frameless)
// The window is visible and the setting changed
} else if (windowFlags().testFlag(Qt::FramelessWindowHint) != frameless) {
const auto oldGeometry = saveGeometry();
// This happens for every Konsole window. It depends on
// the fact that every window is processed in single thread
const auto oldActiveWindow = KWindowSystem::activeWindow();
......@@ -858,6 +861,7 @@ void MainWindow::setRemoveWindowTitleBarAndFrame(bool frameless)
// with previous geometry
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