Commit 8b9d1971 authored by Waqar Ahmed's avatar Waqar Ahmed Committed by Ahmad Samir
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Fix leak in DBusTest

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......@@ -45,19 +45,19 @@ void DBusTest::initTestCase()
// Create test profile
auto profile = Profile::Ptr(new Profile());
auto profileWriter = new ProfileWriter();
ProfileWriter profileWriter;
do {
_testProfileName = QStringLiteral("konsole-dbus-test-profile-%1").arg(QRandomGenerator::global()->generate());
profile->setProperty(Profile::UntranslatedName, _testProfileName);
profile->setProperty(Profile::Name, _testProfileName);
_testProfilePath = profileWriter->getPath(profile);
_testProfilePath = profileWriter.getPath(profile);
} while (QFile::exists(_testProfilePath));
_testProfileEnv = QStringLiteral("TEST_PROFILE=%1").arg(_testProfileName);
profile->setProperty(Profile::Environment, QStringList(_testProfileEnv));
// %D = Current Directory (Long) - hacky way to check current directory
profile->setProperty(Profile::LocalTabTitleFormat, QStringLiteral("%D"));
profileWriter->writeProfile(_testProfilePath, profile);
profileWriter.writeProfile(_testProfilePath, profile);
// Create a new Konsole with a separate process id
_process = new QProcess;
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