Commit 8bcbe926 authored by Kurt Hindenburg's avatar Kurt Hindenburg
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Fix build; return early on FreeBSD test

parent e5b3fa1c
......@@ -100,7 +100,9 @@ void TerminalInterfaceTest::testTerminalInterface()
// After fa398f56, the CI test failed; also the KF was updated on that build.
// TODO: research this more
#if !defined(Q_OS_FREEBSD)
#if defined(Q_OS_FREEBSD)
// Skip this for now on FreeBSD
// -1 is current foreground process and name for process 0 is "kernel"
......@@ -108,7 +110,6 @@ void TerminalInterfaceTest::testTerminalInterface()
QCOMPARE(foregroundProcessId, -1);
QString foregroundProcessName = terminal->foregroundProcessName();
QCOMPARE(foregroundProcessName, QString());
// terminalProcessId() is the user's default shell
// FIXME: find a way to verify this
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