Commit 9b0721a2 authored by Georg Gadinger's avatar Georg Gadinger 🐾 Committed by Tomaz Canabrava
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Fix split-view shortcuts

The split-view actions define a shortcut using `Konsole::ACCEL`, which
since !609 expands to `Qt::CTRL | Qt::SHIFT` on systems that aren't
macOS.  This breaks the shortcut for the split-view actions however as
`Qt::Key_ParenLeft` and `Qt::Key_ParenRight` do not work with the
`Qt::SHIFT` modifier.

Using `Qt::CTRL` (Cmd on macOS, Ctrl everywhere else) as the base
accelerator for these two actions makes splitting views work again as
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......@@ -113,14 +113,14 @@ void ViewManager::setupActions()
action->setText(i18nc("@action:inmenu", "Split View Left/Right"));
connect(action, &QAction::triggered, this, &ViewManager::splitLeftRight);
collection->addAction(QStringLiteral("split-view-left-right"), action);
collection->setDefaultShortcut(action, Konsole::ACCEL | Qt::Key_ParenLeft);
collection->setDefaultShortcut(action, QKeySequence(Qt::CTRL | Qt::Key_ParenLeft));
action = new QAction(this);
action->setText(i18nc("@action:inmenu", "Split View Top/Bottom"));
connect(action, &QAction::triggered, this, &ViewManager::splitTopBottom);
collection->setDefaultShortcut(action, Konsole::ACCEL | Qt::Key_ParenRight);
collection->setDefaultShortcut(action, QKeySequence(Qt::CTRL | Qt::Key_ParenRight));
collection->addAction(QStringLiteral("split-view-top-bottom"), action);
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