Commit a278f3b4 authored by Jekyll Wu's avatar Jekyll Wu
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A little refinement with the "Seconds to detect silence" option:

*  make the text a litter easier to understand(I hope so)
*  show time unit(second) as suffix in the spinbox
parent 7544dbe9
......@@ -359,6 +359,7 @@ void EditProfileDialog::setupTabsPage(const Profile::Ptr info)
// tab monitoring
int silenceSeconds = info->property<int>(Profile::SilenceSeconds);
_ui->silenceSecondsSpinner->setSuffix(ki18ncp("Unit of time", " second", " seconds"));
// signals and slots
connect(_ui->tabBarVisibilityCombo, SIGNAL(activated(int)), this,
......@@ -433,7 +433,7 @@
<item row="0" column="0">
<widget class="QLabel" name="silenceSecondsLabel">
<property name="text">
<string>Seconds to detect silence:</string>
<string>Threshold for continuous silence: </string>
<property name="alignment">
......@@ -443,7 +443,7 @@
<item row="0" column="1">
<widget class="KIntSpinBox" name="silenceSecondsSpinner">
<property name="toolTip">
<string>The threshold of detected silence in seconds</string>
<string>The threshold for continuous silence to be deteced by Konsole</string>
<property name="minimum">
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