Commit aa9f6ccc authored by Kurt Hindenburg's avatar Kurt Hindenburg
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Change the font dialog's sample text for terminal usage.

Use the code provided by Thomas Lübking in to change the font dialog's
sample text.  Since the text entry is large I added a lot of text
that some fonts may appears too similiar in the terminal.
parent 29b589ba
......@@ -1221,11 +1221,24 @@ void EditProfileDialog::fontSelected(const QFont& font)
void EditProfileDialog::showFontDialog()
QString sampleText = QString("ell 'lL', one '1', little eye 'i', big eye");
sampleText += QString("'I', lL1iI, Zero '0', little oh 'o', big oh 'O', 0oO");
sampleText += QString("`~!@#$%^&*()_+-=[]\{}|:\";'<>?,./");
sampleText += QString("0123456789");
sampleText += QString("\nThe Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog\n");
sampleText += i18n("--- Type anything in this box ---");
QFont currentFont = _ui->fontPreviewLabel->font();
QWeakPointer<KFontDialog> dialog = new KFontDialog(this, KFontChooser::FixedFontsOnly);>setFont(currentFont, true);
// TODO (hindenburg): When is
// committed, change the below.
// Use text more fitting to show font differences in a terminal
QList<KFontChooser*> chooserList =>findChildren<KFontChooser*>();
if (!chooserList.isEmpty())>setSampleText(sampleText);
connect(, SIGNAL(fontSelected(QFont)), this, SLOT(fontSelected(QFont)));
if (>exec() == QDialog::Rejected)
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