Commit acad0e34 authored by Tomaz  Canabrava's avatar Tomaz Canabrava
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Simplify code / Adapt to recursion

parent 84f52870
......@@ -400,23 +400,12 @@ QPoint Konsole::ViewSplitter::mapToTopLevel(const QPoint& p)
QPoint Konsole::ViewSplitter::mapFromTopLevel(const QPoint& p)
QStack<ViewSplitter*> tillTopLevel;
auto parentSplitter = qobject_cast<ViewSplitter*>(parent());
while(parentSplitter) {
parentSplitter = qobject_cast<ViewSplitter*>(parentSplitter->parent());
QPoint retPoint = p;
while (!tillTopLevel.isEmpty()) {
ViewSplitter *view = tillTopLevel.pop();
retPoint = view->mapFromParent(retPoint);
if (parentSplitter) {
return mapFromParent(parentSplitter->mapFromTopLevel(p));
return retPoint;
return p;
Konsole::ViewSplitterHandle::ViewSplitterHandle(Qt::Orientation orientation, QSplitter* parent)
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