Commit c87016ae authored by Kurt Hindenburg's avatar Kurt Hindenburg
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Use new QT5 signal/slot convention

parent f5418597
......@@ -156,8 +156,7 @@ extern "C" int Q_DECL_EXPORT kdemain(int argc, char* argv[])
// The activateRequested() signal is emitted when a second instance
// of Konsole is started.
QObject::connect(&dbusService, SIGNAL(activateRequested(QStringList,QString)),
&konsoleApp, SLOT(slotActivateRequested(QStringList,QString)));
QObject::connect(&dbusService, &KDBusService::activateRequested, &konsoleApp, &Application::slotActivateRequested);
if (!konsoleApp.newInstance()) {
// An argument that printed something and mean we should just quit was passed.
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