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add a debian compat option

debian policy for reasons beyond my apprehension wants a -T option to
set the window title (like in xterm).
to make debian's (and derivate's) life easier let's support a no-op
-T option but hide it. this option will not appear in --help output
but be accepted by the parser all the same.

this enables Debian and friends to drop a long standing useless patch
and at the same time prevents us from introducing a conflicting -T in
the future.

REVIEW: 128299
parent 4ea38cc7
...@@ -292,6 +292,18 @@ void fillCommandLineOptions(QCommandLineParser &parser) ...@@ -292,6 +292,18 @@ void fillCommandLineOptions(QCommandLineParser &parser)
parser.addPositionalArgument(QStringLiteral("[args]"), parser.addPositionalArgument(QStringLiteral("[args]"),
i18nc("@info:shell", "Arguments passed to command")); i18nc("@info:shell", "Arguments passed to command"));
// Add a no-op compatibility option to make Konsole compatible with
// Debian's policy on X terminal emulators.
// -T is technically meant to set a title, that is not really meaningful
// for Konsole as we have multiple user-facing options controlling
// the title and overriding whatever is set elsewhere.
auto titleOption = QCommandLineOption(QStringList() << QStringLiteral("T"),
QStringLiteral("Debian policy compatibility, not used"),
} }
void fillAboutData(KAboutData& aboutData) void fillAboutData(KAboutData& aboutData)
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