Commit cfc4bac6 authored by Jekyll Wu's avatar Jekyll Wu
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Rename for clairty.

tabmode ==> tabBarMode
tabPosition ==> tabBarPosition
parent b5dc6891
......@@ -344,22 +344,22 @@ void EditProfileDialog::setupTabsPage(const Profile::Ptr info)
// tab options
int tabMode = info->property<int>(Profile::TabBarMode);
int tabPosition = info->property<int>(Profile::TabBarPosition);
int tabBarMode = info->property<int>(Profile::TabBarMode);
int tabBarPosition = info->property<int>(Profile::TabBarPosition);
// note: Items should be in the same order as the
// Profile::TabBarModeEnum enum
_ui->tabBarVisibilityCombo->addItems( QStringList() << i18n("Always Hide Tab Bar")
<< i18n("Show Tab Bar When Needed")
<< i18n("Always Show Tab Bar") );
// note: Items should be in the same order as the
// Profile::TabBarPositionEnum enum
_ui->tabBarPositionCombo->addItems( QStringList() << i18n("Below Terminal Displays")
<< i18n("Above Terminal Displays") );
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