Commit e6fcf3e6 authored by Kurt Hindenburg's avatar Kurt Hindenburg

remove unused code since KDE4

parent a4f5d539
......@@ -34,10 +34,6 @@
using namespace Konsole;
//FIXME: this is emulation specific. Use false for xterm, true for ANSI.
//FIXME: see if we can get this from terminfo.
const bool BS_CLEARS = false;
//Macro to convert x,y position on screen to position within an image.
//Originally the image was stored as one large contiguous block of
......@@ -547,11 +543,6 @@ void Screen::backspace()
if (_screenLines[_cuY].size() < _cuX + 1)
_screenLines[_cuY].resize(_cuX + 1);
if (BS_CLEARS) {
_screenLines[_cuY][_cuX].character = ' ';
_screenLines[_cuY][_cuX].rendition = _screenLines[_cuY][_cuX].rendition & ~RE_EXTENDED_CHAR;
void Screen::tab(int n)
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