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More work on writing up Konsole survey findings.

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......@@ -130,7 +130,9 @@ Raw data:
- Email
5. The vast majority ( 90% ) of respondants used Bash as their
primary shell. Zsh was used by 6% ( 103 ) respondants.
primary shell. Zsh was used by 4% of respondants.
Alternatives mentioned in the "other" section included ksh,
Midnight Commander and Python.
6. In decending order, the most popular interactive terminal programs
......@@ -139,27 +141,67 @@ Raw data:
- man / info
- vi / vim
- GNU Screen
- gdb
- Midnight Commander
- gdb
7. Users primarily chose between one of 4 colour choices:
- Black on White ( 24% )
- White on Black ( 29% )
- Linux console ( Silver on Black ) ( 21% )
- Light on transparent ( 19% )
8. [ TODO ]
7. Asked for their preferred colour scheme for Konsole sessions,
users primarily chose between one of 4 colour choices supplied
with Konsole.
- Black on White ( 25% )
- White on Black ( 28% )
- Linux console ( Silver on Black ) ( 22% )
- Light on transparent ( 18% )
8. Additional comments for Question 7. A large number of respondants
answered this question.
Popular alternative colour choices mentioned included:
- Green on Black ( Matrix-like )
(Probably the most popular colour not mentioned on the original list)
- Dark background, transparent
- Dark text, transparent background ( Relatively popular )
- Black text on a light, but non-white background
(To reduce glare from monitor)
This light colour was most often Yellow.
(Probably the second most popular choice)
Grey background was sometimes used.
- Light text on a dark background
- Yellow text on a dark blue background
- Several respondants mentioned the use of a random background colour
- Many respondants indicated that true transparency would be highly
- Many respondants also said that true transparency was not useful
for them.
- With transparency, the most appropriate colour scheme depeonds on
the desktop background.
- Several respondants said that a white background was too glaring.
- Several respondants requested a custom background colour (often
one with a redish hue) for root sessions.
Problems mentioned:
- Standard Konsole colours not working well with 'emerge' coloured
- Default BLUE colour ( I think this refers to the Linux console colour
scheme ) does not work well in Vim or other applications.
- Existing colour scheme editor is hard to use.
- Existing 'fake transparency' has performance issues.
9. The majority of respondants do not change their colour scheme
depending on the computer they are logged into, but a significant
minority ( 17% ) did.
minority ( 22% ) did.
10. The majority of respondants do not change their colour scheme
depending on the program running in the terminal, with 10%
depending on the program running in the terminal, with 12%
claiming that they did.
11. The majority ( 80% ) of respondants used a colour scheme which
came with Konsole. 20% used a custom colour scheme.
11. The majority ( 77.5% ) of respondants used a colour scheme which
came with Konsole. 22% used a custom colour scheme.
12. The most favoured graphical enhancements to Konsole were, in
descending order:
......@@ -178,18 +220,76 @@ Raw data:
( typically bash ) was the most frequently used session by far.
The "Root Shell" and "Linux Console" sessions were the next
most frequently used types.
most frequently used types, followed distantly by Screen.
14. The majority of respondants (84%) had not created their own custom
session types, although 15% ( 283 ) had.
15. [ TODO ]
session types, although 16% ( 283 ) had.
15. Popular uses for custom session types:
( Often used custom colours to distinguish between machines )
( Some of these turned on 'send to all sessions' - very useful
for performing the same command across many machines )
( Users with many SSH session types complained of the menu
growing too large.
They would also appreciate the ability to bookmark all open
SSH sessions )
- Other remote connection: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
( Including databases, telnet )
- Interactive Interpreter (Python,Ruby etc.): XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
ipython was a popular choice, also irb ( ruby ).
- Custom shell: XXXXX
- Custom Screen-based: XXX
- Tabs opened in specific directories: XXXXXX
- Custom environment (eg. a 'KDE 4 development environment'):
- Customise the default: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
- Often to change colours or font size
- Or to make the default a login shell ( eg. bash --login )
- Disable various UI features (scrollbars,menu bar etc.): XXXXX
- Custom root shell: XXXXXXXXXX
A number of respondants did not understand the concept of a
'Session' in Konsole.
Others found it easier to use scripts to set up different
Some respondants actually discovered this feature as a result
of answering the survey question.
Invoking a session without a keyboard shortcut requires use of
the mouse. This is inefficient. A number of respondants suggested
that sessions should be activated automatically when certain programs
are started etc.
Some people need to interface with machines or applications which
work better with different terminal, keyboard or encoding settings.
A notable number of respondants complained that the user interface
for creating new sessions or modifying the default session type
was hard to understand.
16. Around half of respondants ( 42% ) did use GNU Screen, a slightly larger
proportion ( 57% ) did not.
17. The most favoured candidate for better integration with Konsole was
the SSH program ( 43% ), followed by Vim ( 16% ) and GNU Screen ( 11% ).
Others mentioned include Konqueror,mc,nano and emacs
18. The rankings did not give clear answers about the ease of performing
various tasks in Konsole, but the additional comments ( Q #19 ) gave
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