Commit ebb6a130 authored by Claudius Ellsel's avatar Claudius Ellsel Committed by Kurt Hindenburg
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Increase default terminal size

Note that the values I chose are a bit random. I just picked what I found
visually appealing (aspect ratio wise) and tried not to choose a to big
size, since I don't want to break things on smaller resolutions or annoy
people who do not like the terminal overlapping to much space.

With this values, Konsole uses about a quarter of the screen on a FHD
resolution, which I consider a standard resolution nowadays.

For more discussion about this also have a look at the relevant MR where
it has been reacted to some comments mentioning possible problems:
parent a1d8dcd5
......@@ -180,8 +180,8 @@ void Profile::useFallback()
setProperty(StartInCurrentSessionDir, true);
setProperty(MenuIndex, QStringLiteral("0"));
setProperty(SilenceSeconds, 10);
setProperty(TerminalColumns, 80);
setProperty(TerminalRows, 24);
setProperty(TerminalColumns, 110);
setProperty(TerminalRows, 28);
setProperty(TerminalMargin, 1);
setProperty(TerminalCenter, false);
setProperty(MouseWheelZoomEnabled, true);
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