Commit ec172b8f authored by David Faure's avatar David Faure

Pass receiver as 3rd arg in qt5-style-connect, to avoid crashes when the receiver is deleted.

Testcase: splitting (ctrl+shift+'(') and then ctrl+shift+O
(didn't crash every time, but valgrind was clear)

parent 1d750940
......@@ -117,10 +117,10 @@ void TerminalDisplay::setScreenWindow(ScreenWindow* window)
connect( , &Konsole::ScreenWindow::outputChanged , this , &Konsole::TerminalDisplay::updateLineProperties);
connect( , &Konsole::ScreenWindow::outputChanged , this , &Konsole::TerminalDisplay::updateImage);
connect( , &Konsole::ScreenWindow::currentResultLineChanged , this , &Konsole::TerminalDisplay::updateImage);
connect(, &Konsole::ScreenWindow::outputChanged, [this]() {
connect(, &Konsole::ScreenWindow::outputChanged, this, [this]() {
_filterUpdateRequired = true;
connect(, &Konsole::ScreenWindow::scrolled, [this]() {
connect(, &Konsole::ScreenWindow::scrolled, this, [this]() {
_filterUpdateRequired = true;
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