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Remove the last of the printing code given that Konsole no longer has direct...

Remove the last of the printing code given that Konsole no longer has direct printing support.  The web page export facility can be used instead.

svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdebase/apps/konsole/; revision=708827
parent d346a2cc
......@@ -266,9 +266,6 @@ TerminalDisplay::TerminalDisplay(QWidget *parent)
......@@ -1088,42 +1085,6 @@ void TerminalDisplay::drawInputMethodPreeditString(QPainter& painter , const QRe
_inputMethodData.previousPreeditRect = rect;
void TerminalDisplay::print(QPainter &paint, bool friendly, bool exact)
bool saveFixedFont = _fixedFont;
bool saveBlinking = _blinking;
_fixedFont = false;
_blinking = false;
_isPrinting = true;
_printerFriendly = friendly;
_printerBold = !exact;
if (exact)
QPixmap pm(contentsRect().right(), contentsRect().bottom());
QPainter pm_paint;
drawContents(pm_paint, contentsRect());
paint.drawPixmap(0, 0, pm);
drawContents(paint, contentsRect());
_printerFriendly = false;
_isPrinting = false;
_printerBold = false;
_fixedFont = saveFixedFont;
_blinking = saveBlinking;
FilterChain* TerminalDisplay::filterChain() const
return _filterChain;
......@@ -351,8 +351,6 @@ public:
void setBidiEnabled(bool set) { _bidiEnabled=set; }
bool isBidiEnabled() { return _bidiEnabled; }
void print(QPainter &paint, bool friendly, bool exact);
* Sets the margin between the top-left edge of the terminal display
* and the rendered text.
......@@ -652,9 +650,6 @@ private:
bool _hasBlinkingCursor; // has blinking cursor enabled
bool _ctrlDrag; // require Ctrl key for drag
bool _cutToBeginningOfLine; // triple click only selects forward
bool _isPrinting; // Paint job is intended for printer
bool _printerFriendly; // paint printer friendly, save ink
bool _printerBold; // Use a bold font instead of overstrike for bold
bool _isFixedSize; //Columns / lines are locked.
QTimer* _blinkTimer; // active when hasBlinker
QTimer* _blinkCursorTimer; // active when hasBlinkingCursor
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