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Fix display sometimes randomly scrolling down

If another modifier (e. g. Meta) was pressed, Konsole interpreted it as
the user typing something and helpfully scrolled to the bottom.

REVIEW: 128786
parent 04dce679
......@@ -224,17 +224,13 @@ void SessionController::trackOutput(QKeyEvent* event)
// jump to the end of the history buffer unless the key pressed
// is one of the three main modifiers, as these are used to select
// the selection mode (eg. Ctrl+Alt+<Left Click> for column/block selection)
switch (event->key()) {
case Qt::Key_Shift:
case Qt::Key_Control:
case Qt::Key_Alt:
// Only jump to the bottom if the user actually typed something in,
// not if the user e. g. just pressed a modifier.
if (event->text().isEmpty()) {
void SessionController::interactionHandler()
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