Commit f588a662 authored by Tomaz  Canabrava's avatar Tomaz Canabrava
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Set the default toolbars as per VDG input

parent 6c2368c4
......@@ -49,12 +49,8 @@
<ToolBar name="mainToolBar">
<text>Main Toolbar</text>
<Action name="new-window"/>
<Action name="new-tab"/>
<Action name="split-view-left-right"/>
<Action name="split-view-top-bottom"/>
<Action name="close-active-view"/>
<Action name="close-other-views"/>
......@@ -62,17 +62,9 @@
<ToolBar name="sessionToolbar">
<text>Session Toolbar</text>
<Action name="switch-profile"/>
<Action name="edit_copy" />
<Action name="edit_paste" />
<Action name="monitor-silence" group="session-view-operations"/>
<Action name="monitor-activity" group="session-view-operations"/>
<Action name="monitor-process-finish" group="session-view-operations"/>
<Action name="enlarge-font" group="session-view-operations"/>
<Action name="shrink-font" group="session-view-operations"/>
<Action name="edit_find" />
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