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start documenting manual tests

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Manual testcases
This directory contains various files and programs for manual testing of issues
discovered in the past.
Text files
Just run `cat filename` in Konsole to verify that they are working. If
rendering related, open in a competent graphical text editor to compare and/or
in other terminal emulators.
- [Decomposed hangul: Testcase for commit 43744097](textfiles/text-files/decomposed-hangul.txt)
- [Characters available in 9x15, encoded in UTF-8](text-files/9x15.repertoire-utf8)
- [Box characters](text-files/boxes.txt)
- [Various URLs](text-files/cat_test_urls)
- [UTF-8 test file from the Kermit project](text-files/GLASS.utf8)
- [Emojis](text-files/emoji_test.txt)
- [Markus Kuhn's UTF-8 sample](text-files/UTF-8-demo.txt)
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