1. 23 May, 2022 27 commits
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    • Luis Javier Merino's avatar
      Fix regression preserving tcsh command prompt · 9dadb7b5
      Luis Javier Merino authored and Kurt Hindenburg's avatar Kurt Hindenburg committed
      Commit c3b3ef19 introduced a regression when invoking the
      clear-history-and-reset action.  While RIS (Reset to Initial State) is
      specified in DEC STD-070 as homing the cursor, konsole has grown some
      hacks in the name of usability to preserve the command prompt line.
      For a long time, it has sent two SIGWINCH with changed sizes after clear
      and reset actions to force the shell to redraw the prompt (see d346a2cc,
      temporarily disabled on 5d61b69e and re-added on 82778e87), which works
      for bash, zsh, ksh, ...
      tcsh doesn't redraw its prompt on SIGWINCH, but commit b8e96bcd modified
      Screen::refresh() so instead of clearing the entire screen and homing
      the cursor, it scrolled up everything but the last (usually the prompt)
      So, keep that last hack when called from clear-history-and-reset, and
      behave as specified on DEC STD-070 otherwise.
      Note that other ways of clearing the screen don't need hacks, e.g.
      Ctrl-L, if handled at all, is handled by the shell, which then redraws
      its prompt.  Calling "clear" or invoking "printf '\ec'" will result in
      the shell redrawing its prompt in the usual way.
      BUG: 453568
    • Arjan Veenstra's avatar
      Document setting multiple properties with konsoleprofile · bd7018da
      Arjan Veenstra authored
      When using konsoleprofile multiple settings can be specified separated by
      semicolons. The usage output and documenting comments now reflect this.
      Also fixes the link to Profile.h.
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