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      Add comments · d9b8b2b2
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      Make tabbed view notify the view manager when the user switches between... · 212c33eb
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      Make tabbed view notify the view manager when the user switches between sessions.  Create the first view on a session before running the session executable because some terminal processes such as GNU Screen and midnight commander don't like changes in terminal size during their initialisation.
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      Fix the selection being cleared immediately after the mouse is released in... · 682bd1fa
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      Fix the selection being cleared immediately after the mouse is released in split-view mode.  Konsole in KDE 3 immediately clears the selection whenever another window changes it.  I couldn't see the logic for this and will have to raise the issue on the mailing list.  Until then I have removed the behaviour to fix the aforementioned problem.  Also fixed drag-and-drop of text (broken during the port).
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      Fix crash selecting text from scrollback (aka. 'history') · 1373e0af
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      Fix a number of crashes when views are destroyed. Avoid deleting widgets... · 28a72ce5
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      Fix a number of crashes when views are destroyed.  Avoid deleting widgets explicitly where possible, using QObject parent-child mechanism instead.  Defer deletion using object->deleteLater() instead of 'delete object'.  Make filter chains own their filters and take responsibility for deleting them, instead of having other objects deleting filters without removing them from the chain.  Add API documentation to the filter classes.
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      · 576d1c39
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      * Moved session action layout into a separate XML file.  I'm still a bit new to this 
        XMLGUI thingie.
      * Call 'close()' rather than 'deleteLater()' on main window when last session is closed,
        makes Konsole app close when last session finishes.
      * Added ViewProperties class from which SessionController inherits.  The ViewContainer has
        a ViewProperties instance associated with each view, which it uses to determine the title 
        and icon associated with that view.  Icons and session titles now show in the tabs.
      * Added "Monitor for Activity" and "Monitor for Silence" in the new front-end.
      * Set value of TERM variable before creating session in SessionManager, fixes lots of problems
        with Linux Console session type.
      * Add a few CMakeLists.txt files from the new other/ directories to SVN which I forgot in the 
        previous commit.
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  17. 01 Jan, 2007 2 commits
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      * Add icons for various actions · b7b9e626
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      * Uncheck split-view menu action when detaching the view
      * Fix deletion of characters in the terminal display image.
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      Tidy up the structure of the mysterious 'other' Konsole data directory. Put... · 1343a6d7
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      Tidy up the structure of the mysterious 'other' Konsole data directory.  Put keyboard layouts, colour schemes and session types in their own respective directories.  Everything is still installed to the same folder at the moment.
      svn path=/branches/work/konsole-split-view/; revision=618302
  18. 31 Dec, 2006 1 commit
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      Work done during my short holiday: · 242e18a9
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      New User-Visible Features:
          * 'Merge Windows' feature.  This merges all of the existing Konsole windows into a single
            window.  (The opposite of detach view in a sense).  Only merges the views from the active 
            tab widget in each window at the moment. 
          * Split-view feature.  Splits existing view top/bottom.
      New Front-end Progress:  
          * Make creating a new tab and window work in the new front-end
          * Add detach-view in new front-end
          * Added ViewManager class which manges views and view containers in a main window as well
            as creating new views and session controllers for terminal sessions.
          * Added SessionController class which provides the actions associated with an individual session and view.
            (including the Edit and History menus)
          * Menu items now working: Copy,Paste,Clear,Clear & Reset,Clear History,Configure Konsole
          * Wrote a widget for incremental searches in documents ( IncrementalSearchBar ).  The widget
            is closely modelled on the incremental search bar found in Firefox. 
          * SessionList class to provide the actions used to create new sessions in menus
          * Fix crashes with multiple views caused by trying to change the size of the 
            terminal image ( via setSize() ) after the user manually resizes the display
          * Update terminal size associated with pty when resizing display
          * Fix broken signal-slot connection in TabbedViewContainer
          * Check for a minimum terminal size of 1 line x 1 column when updating the terminal image
          * Ensure that internal array used by display widget to store terminal characters is always non-zero
            in size.  Also ensure that 'lines' and 'columns' internal properties are always > 0.
            Fixes crashes when display widget has a very small height or width.
          * Fixed crash with small display widget caused by TEWidget's count of used lines and used columns
            (usedLines,usedColumn fields) not being updated when the terminal image was made smaller.
          * Further file renaming for consistancy between file name and class name
          * Make ViewContainer subclasses take a QObject* parent argument in their constructors
      svn path=/branches/work/konsole-split-view/; revision=618089
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