1. 16 Jan, 2008 1 commit
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      Scroll the terminal display continually when the mouse is held down and then... · 30cf067d
      Robert Knight authored
      Scroll the terminal display continually when the mouse is held down and then moved outside of the display, rather than requiring continual mouse movement to scroll.  Make the scrolling rate proportional to the distance between the edge of the display and the mouse position.  Currently suffers from quite noticable flicker when scrolling quickly through a large scrollback buffer because the display is scrolled and repainted before the selection is extended.  Stop the cursor from blinking and text from blinking when the display loses focus and restart blinking when the cursor regains focus.  Ensure that the cursor is visible in a hollowed-out style when the display does not have focus.
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      Add support for XComposite translucency to the Konsole KPart. · 5246e75c
      Eike Hein authored
      The decision to support translucent painting is made at part 
      creation depending on whether the hosting application is using 
      an ARGB visual and a composition manager has claimed the re-
      levant X selection (via KWindowSystem).
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