1. 11 Oct, 2020 3 commits
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      Call addProfile after a path has been set for a new profile · c2451f62
      Ahmad Samir authored
      When saving the fallback profile to a new profile, we have to delay
      calling addProfile until after a path has been set for the new profile.
      This is because ProfileModel::populate calls ProfileManager::sortProfiles,
      and the latter skips profiles that have path == FALLBACK/ .
      This also seems to take care of duplicate entries in "Switch Profile"
      menu, with respect to the fallback profile after saving.
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      Improve handling of the fallback profile · feb21808
      Ahmad Samir authored
      Modify changeProfile to always work on the Profile::Ptr arg it's called
      on,this is needed to be able to call setProfile from EditProfileDialog
      aftersaving the fallback profile; the fallback profile is special in
      many ways,most important of which is that it's never saved to a .profile
      on disk, sincechangeProfile is going to give the newly saved profile a
      unique name, e.g."Profile 1", we need to update the EditProfileDialog
      with the new profile,so that saving settings works and actually modifies
      the new profile ratherthan the fallback one. This also means that the
      profile ptr that the currentSession is using will point to the
      modified/saved profile and not thefallback one.
      After the fallback profile is "saved" to a new profile, we init another
      instance of the fallback profile, so that it's always availabe in the
      "Switch profile" context menu.
      Reserve the profile name "Default" for the fallback profile.
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  10. 24 Sep, 2020 3 commits
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      Remove unused warnings. · af65698b
      Gustavo Carneiro authored
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      Add missing whitespace in placeholder string · 7d4827e3
      Nate Graham authored
      Otherwise you get text like "My Profile(Default)".
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      HotSpot: move input events implementation to the base class · 86303f57
      Ahmad Samir authored and Kurt Hindenburg's avatar Kurt Hindenburg committed
      Then if one of the classes that inherit HotSpot need to reimplement an
      input event, it can do so. I think this way we get less code duplication,
      and if we need to change those methods, there is a chance only changing the
      base implementation is necessary.
      This also fixes file filter.
      Initialise  member variables in FilterChain ctor, particularly initialising
      _showUrlHint prevents an issue where url hints are displayed when moving
      the mouse for the first time in a newly opened konsole window even if no
      url hint modifiers are pressed.
      In keyPressEvent it seems calling update() on the TerminalDisplay isn't
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