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      FileFilter: add line/column numbers to file urls; also match absolute paths · 923f8d14
      Ahmad Samir authored
      Since there is no universal way to tell a text editor about line/column
      on the cli (each editor seems to have its own scheme), there is a profile
      option to let the user specify the command to use to open local text files,
      /usr/bin/kate PATH:LINE:COLUMN
      /usr/bin/gedit +LINE:COLUMN PATH
      then we replace PATH LINE and COLUMN to create the cmd to pass on
      to KIO::ApplicationLauncherJob.
      Current use cases, opening a file at:
       - specific line, from the ouput of "grep -n":   "path/to/some/file:123"
       - specific line/column, from the output of gcc compiler errors:
       - specific line, from the ouput of ctest, when there is a compilation error:
      Change the regex to also match absolute file paths, this is useful in
      general and also compilation errors usually use absolute file paths.
      Tweak the regex matching text between two single/double quotes so that it
      doesn't match newline characters.
      Refactor the UI file to use QBoxLayouts, this way each related set of
      options can be put together, which makes future changes slightly easier.
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      HotSpot: move input events implementation to the base class · 86303f57
      Ahmad Samir authored
      Then if one of the classes that inherit HotSpot need to reimplement an
      input event, it can do so. I think this way we get less code duplication,
      and if we need to change those methods, there is a chance only changing the
      base implementation is necessary.
      This also fixes file filter.
      Initialise  member variables in FilterChain ctor, particularly initialising
      _showUrlHint prevents an issue where url hints are displayed when moving
      the mouse for the first time in a newly opened konsole window even if no
      url hint modifiers are pressed.
      In keyPressEvent it seems calling update() on the TerminalDisplay isn't
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