1. 03 Jul, 2007 1 commit
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      · 72241ef4
      Robert Knight authored
      * Comment out many debugging messages 
      * Experimental optimization, disable kerning since this is not required
        with the mono-spaced fonts which are used in the terminal.
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  2. 02 Jul, 2007 5 commits
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      Fix build. These two files no longer exist. · 497c658d
      Robert Knight authored
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      Support for per-session randomized color schemes. Mainly useful to allow each... · 50fb0ef4
      Robert Knight authored
      Support for per-session randomized color schemes.  Mainly useful to allow each new session (from a particular profile) to have a different background color to make them easier to identify at a glance.  Randomization is specified in the color scheme as the maximum amount of difference in hue, saturation and value which a color is allowed to be randomly changed by.  No GUI controls for this yet.  Added a 'Black on Random Light' color scheme to make use of this facility out of the box.
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdebase/apps/konsole/; revision=682403
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      adapt to KPalette->KColorCollection rename and API cleanup · 44962b4e
      Matthew Woehlke authored
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      · 573f7636
      Robert Knight authored
      * konsoleprofile now only affects an individual session rather than modifying
        all sessions using the same profile as the current tab.
      * Re-implement support for underlined text
      * Use a sensible size for the Manage Profiles dialog by default
      * Tidy up SearchHistoryTask 
          - Remove unnecessary setMatchCase(), matchCase(), setRegExp(), regExp() methods.
          - Implement highlighting the search box to indicate search success correctly.
            (Previously did not work with 'highlight matches' turned off)
      * start.cpp -> main.cpp for consistancy
      * Remove old startup-notes
      * #ifdef out the transparency setup code on startup, relevant code is now in 
        qt-copy instead.
      * API documentation improvements in SessionController
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdebase/apps/konsole/; revision=682279
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      Interface modifications to KCmdLineArgs, KAboutData and KComponentData; BIC,... · 3b397fc7
      Chusslove Illich authored
      Interface modifications to KCmdLineArgs, KAboutData and KComponentData; BIC, SIC. Most of the depending code has been auto-converted to new API.
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdebase/apps/konsole/; revision=682259
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