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  5. 22 Feb, 2019 2 commits
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      Replace assert with Q_ASSERT · 650af4f7
      Mariusz Glebocki authored
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      Improve built-in line/block characters drawing · 13132fc7
      Mariusz Glebocki authored
      * Fix bold lines (BUG 402415).
      * Make drawing pixel-perfect.
      * Make line width proportional to font size.
      * Move relevant code to separate file and namespace.
      * Remove code for checking supported line characters from Character
        class. Information about what is supported is now in one place
        together width drawing code.
      * Remove fontembedder/LineFont files (no longer used).
      * Add test script for displaying supported characters table.
      * Add triple and quadruple dashes (U+2504...U+250B).
      * Change shade block characters (U+2591...U+2593) look. When
        antialiasing is turned on, shades are drawn as transculent solid
        rectangles with 25%, 50% and 75% alpha. This matches the characters
        name/description and their usage. Without antialiasing, previous
        method with patterns is used.
      Font size: 10pt; character width: 8px
      Font size: 11pt; character width: 9px
      Font size: 12pt; character width: 10px
      Font s...