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      Changed the naming scheme used in Konsole. Several survey respondants said... · 1a0b94d8
      Robert Knight authored
      Changed the naming scheme used in Konsole.  Several survey respondants said that they didn't understand what a 'Session' was or how it was different from a 'Profile'.  Under the new scheme, a 'Profile' is a saved set of terminal options which can be used to create a new tab, or which can be applied to an existing tab.  Internally, a 'Session' is a running terminal process and emulation created from a particular profile.
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      * Use kdelibs facilities to check for compositing support · 95f053e3
      Robert Knight authored
      * Initial draft of dialogs to manage sessions
          - SessionTypeDialog lists available session types and allows the
            user to trigger creation, editing or removal of a type.
          - EditSessionDialog allows the user to edit an individual session
      * Remove access to the old KDE 3 preferences dialog
      * Began a re-write of the Konsole part, the intention is to avoid
        the duplication of code between the part and the main application
        which occurred in KDE 3 and also to make more of the functionality
        from the main application available to the part's clients.
      * Implement the history size dialog
      * Implement SSH bookmarks
      * Implement Bookmark Tabs as Folders
      * Allow the user to choose which sessions are shown in the 'File' menu
      * Implement 'background mode'.  When Konsole is started in this mode
        (by running "konsole --background-mode") it creates a new session in the 
        background which can be displayed or hidden at any time by pressing F12.
        Idea taken from Yakuake. 
      * Use tab bar rather than a tab widget for the view container by default,
        removes the frame around the terminal display, this does not look correct
        if you are using the ported-from-3.5 KDE "Plastik" style in KDE 4.  
        Qt's very-similar-looking Platique style produces the desired results. 
      * Fixed two spectacular memory leaks.
      * Add option to split the view left/right ( in addition to top/bottom ) and
        allow more than two views open at once.  Dividing the view into a grid
        ( aka. "recursive splitting" ) is not yet supported.  
      * Add menu options to Close Active View and Close Others ( which closes 
        all views except the active one )
      // Behind the scenes stuff
      * Rewrote color scheme code
          ColorSchema -> ColorScheme
          ColorSchemaList -> replaced with global ColorSchemeManager
          KDE 4 INI-format color schemes are used if available with fallback to the KDE 3
          .schema files otherwise.
          * Some more Qt 3 -> 4 porting:
          Q3TextEdit -> QTextEdit
          Q3IntDict<V> -> QHash<int,V>
          Q3PtrList<T> -> QList<T*>
      * Various adjustments to resource loading so that the various
        *Manager classes can find their resources when being used in
        an application other than Konsole ( eg. when being used in a part )
      * Change access to singleton managers, the *Manager classes
        now have an instance() method to access the global instance and
        a setInstance() method which is called by the Application or KPart
        constructor to create the manager initially.
      * Remove all references to MainWindow from the ViewManager and move 
        the relevant code to the MainWindow class itself.  
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      · 2b11add4
      Robert Knight authored
      * Use a sensible step value for the history size spinbox
      * Remove some more old commented out code and tidy up some API documentation
      * Add keyboard shortcuts for switching between tabs and views.  Currently:
          Shift+Left  - Previous Tab
          Shift+Right - Next Tab
          Shift+Tab   - Next View ( only applicable when in split-view mode )
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      * Remove Konsole prefix from several class names. · 9ee6e82f
      Robert Knight authored
      	KonsoleApp 		-> Application
      	KonsoleMainWindow 	-> MainWindow
      	KonsoleBookmarkHandler 	-> BookmarkHandler
      * Fix saving of history to include the correct number of lines
      * Remove some unused code
      svn path=/branches/work/konsole-split-view/; revision=643770
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      * Move Konsole classes into their own namespace · c2d98d13
      Robert Knight authored
      * Renaming:
      	TEHistory  -> History
      	TEScreen   -> Screen
      	TESession  -> Session
      	TEmulation -> Emulation
      	TEmuVt102  -> Vt102Emulation
      	TEPty	   -> Pty
      * Move some XKB functions into their own source file
      * Some #include tidy-ups
      svn path=/branches/work/konsole-split-view/; revision=642987
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      * Fix Match Case / Match RegExp / Highlight Matches boxes in the search bar · 1c110043
      Robert Knight authored
      * Highlight matching text in the active session when the text in the search bar changes,
        match case, match regexp options work as well.
      * Ensure that newly created session views are given the focus
      * Remember visibility of search bar for each session and hide/show the bar as appropriate
        when switching between sessions.
      * Fix incorrect use of delete[] in emulation ( memory allocated with malloc() , so free() must be used )
      * Treat empty regular expressions as non-matching in RegExpFilter ( fix infinite recursion )
      * Prevent overdrawing of adjacent hotspots 
      * Added some experimental / non-working code to do with scrolling in the displays
        This breaks the scroll-bar and causes crashes at the moment.  It needs
        to be re-worked.
      svn path=/branches/work/konsole-split-view/; revision=637999
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      Add shortcuts for various actions: · 8e6b1b1b
      Robert Knight authored
      * Ctrl+Shift+C - Copy   ( same as gnome-terminal )
      * Ctrl+Shift+V - Paste  ( same as gnome-terminal )
      * Ctrl+Shift+F - Open/close search bar
      * F3 - Find Next
      * Shift+F3 - Find Previous
      * Ctrl+Shift+X - Clear Everything (History and current display)
      * Ctrl+Shift+S - Split / Unsplit the view
      * Ctrl+Shift+T - Detach the current view
      * Ctrl+Shift+W - Close current tab ( same as gnome-terminal ) 
      * Ctrl+Shift+A - Monitor for Activity
      * Ctrl+Shift+I - Monitor for Silence
      svn path=/branches/work/konsole-split-view/; revision=637929
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      Make 'Search History' menu item into a toggle which hides or shows the search... · 163335bb
      Robert Knight authored
      Make 'Search History' menu item into a toggle which hides or shows the search bar when toggled.  Search bar doesn't actually do anything yet.
      svn path=/branches/work/konsole-split-view/; revision=637905
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      Implement bookmark opening for local URLs in the new front-end. Handling for... · 57e03c56
      Robert Knight authored
      Implement bookmark opening for local URLs in the new front-end.  Handling for ssh:// etc. still to be done.  Update license for KonsoleBookmarkHandler.* to GPLv2+
      svn path=/branches/work/konsole-split-view/; revision=637894
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      Re-enable bookmark menu in the front end and make menu pick up the working... · ee644b4b
      Robert Knight authored
      Re-enable bookmark menu in the front end and make menu pick up the working directory of the current session when 'Add Bookmark' is clicked.  Not yet emitting the 'cd /bookmark/path' command when the bookmark is selected
      svn path=/branches/work/konsole-split-view/; revision=637883
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      Add comments · d9b8b2b2
      Robert Knight authored
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