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    • Malte Starostik's avatar
      Most annoying bug in HEAD/Qt3 I encountered so far: Ctrl didn't work in · 098e5427
      Malte Starostik authored
      konsole anymore. I'm not too confident of this hack, but it seems to work
      for now. Please have a close look:
      @@ -784,6 +784,12 @@ void TEmuVt102::onKeyPress( QKeyEvent* e
           if (ev->state() & AltButton) sendString("\033"); // ESC, this is the ALT prefix
           QCString s = codec->fromUnicode(ev->text());     // encode for application
      +    // FIXME: In Qt 2, QKeyEvent::text() would return "\003" for Ctrl-C etc.
      +    //        while in Qt 3 it returns the actual key ("c" or "C") which caused
      +    //        the ControlButton to be ignored. This hack seems to work for
      +    //        latin1 locales at least. Please anyone find a clean solution (malte)
      +    if (ev->state() & ControlButton)
      +      s.fill(ev->ascii(), 1);
           emit sndBlock(s.data(),s.length());              // we may well have s.length() > 1
      svn path=/trunk/kdebase/konsole/; revision=112966
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    • Waldo Bastian's avatar
      *) Fixes BR19684: "the linux.keytab produces the codes "\E[H" for Home and · a8ef0acd
      Waldo Bastian authored
      "\E[F" for End. Correct is IMHO "\E[1~" for Home and "\E[4~" for End."
      *) With the above fix, konsole doesn't work very well, because it still sets
      "TERM" to xterm. So I added support for specifying the terminal emulation in
      the "session type" -> "Linux Konsole" now sets TERM to "linux".
      *) The "session type" can now also specify a key tabel -> "Linux Konsole" now
      specifies (*surprise*) "linux console".
      *) The key tabel is bound to the session (not sure if it was already), now
      the menu reflects correctly the actual active key tabel.
      *) The default key tabel is only changed when the _user_ selects another
      tabel from the menu, merily selecting a new "Linux Konsole" as new session,
      does not change the default key tabel. The default key tabel is used when a
      new "Shell" is chosen for a new session (or the "New" button in the session
      toolbar is selected)
      *) the "TERM" setting as set by konsole and the actual key tabel in use is
      saved and restored during session managment. (BR18341)
      svn path=/trunk/kdebase/konsole/; revision=111994
    • Stephan Binner's avatar
      Added "No Bell" and "Visible Bell" options · 33e0e493
      Stephan Binner authored
      svn path=/trunk/kdebase/konsole/; revision=111983
    • Stephan Binner's avatar
      Implemented keyboard shortcut (Default: Ctrl-Alt-m) to activate the menubar... · 5230b3e0
      Stephan Binner authored
      Implemented keyboard shortcut (Default: Ctrl-Alt-m) to activate the menubar (#20935). There is a little unsolved problem
      when it is called when the menubar was hidden and selection is aborted with ESC (see FIXME comment in konsole.C).
      svn path=/trunk/kdebase/konsole/; revision=111939
    • Simon Hausmann's avatar
      - qt3 ifdeflet, #include fix and fixed duplicated key events in the event · e4f134be
      Simon Hausmann authored
      +    // in Qt2 when key events were propagated up the tree
      +    // (unhandled? -> parent widget) they passed the event filter only once at
      +    // the beginning. in qt3 this has changed, that is, the event filter is
      +    // called each time the event is sent (see loop in QApplication::notify,
      +    // when internalNotify() is called for KeyPress, whereas internalNotify
      +    // activates also the global event filter) . That's why we stop propagation
      +    // here.
      +    return true;
      svn path=/trunk/kdebase/konsole/; revision=111900
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