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      Changed the naming scheme used in Konsole. Several survey respondants said... · 1a0b94d8
      Robert Knight authored
      Changed the naming scheme used in Konsole.  Several survey respondants said that they didn't understand what a 'Session' was or how it was different from a 'Profile'.  Under the new scheme, a 'Profile' is a saved set of terminal options which can be used to create a new tab, or which can be applied to an existing tab.  Internally, a 'Session' is a running terminal process and emulation created from a particular profile.
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      * Use kdelibs facilities to check for compositing support · 95f053e3
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      * Initial draft of dialogs to manage sessions
          - SessionTypeDialog lists available session types and allows the
            user to trigger creation, editing or removal of a type.
          - EditSessionDialog allows the user to edit an individual session
      * Remove access to the old KDE 3 preferences dialog
      * Began a re-write of the Konsole part, the intention is to avoid
        the duplication of code between the part and the main application
        which occurred in KDE 3 and also to make more of the functionality
        from the main application available to the part's clients.
      * Implement the history size dialog
      * Implement SSH bookmarks
      * Implement Bookmark Tabs as Folders
      * Allow the user to choose which sessions are shown in the 'File' menu
      * Implement 'background mode'.  When Konsole is started in this mode
        (by running "konsole --background-mode") it creates a new session in the 
        background which can be displayed or hidden at any time by pressing F12.
        Idea taken from Yakuake. 
      * Use tab bar rather than a tab widget for the view container by default,
        removes the frame around the terminal display, this does not look correct
        if you are using the ported-from-3.5 KDE "Plastik" style in KDE 4.  
        Qt's very-similar-looking Platique style produces the desired results. 
      * Fixed two spectacular memory leaks.
      * Add option to split the view left/right ( in addition to top/bottom ) and
        allow more than two views open at once.  Dividing the view into a grid
        ( aka. "recursive splitting" ) is not yet supported.  
      * Add menu options to Close Active View and Close Others ( which closes 
        all views except the active one )
      // Behind the scenes stuff
      * Rewrote color scheme code
          ColorSchema -> ColorScheme
          ColorSchemaList -> replaced with global ColorSchemeManager
          KDE 4 INI-format color schemes are used if available with fallback to the KDE 3
          .schema files otherwise.
          * Some more Qt 3 -> 4 porting:
          Q3TextEdit -> QTextEdit
          Q3IntDict<V> -> QHash<int,V>
          Q3PtrList<T> -> QList<T*>
      * Various adjustments to resource loading so that the various
        *Manager classes can find their resources when being used in
        an application other than Konsole ( eg. when being used in a part )
      * Change access to singleton managers, the *Manager classes
        now have an instance() method to access the global instance and
        a setInstance() method which is called by the Application or KPart
        constructor to create the manager initially.
      * Remove all references to MainWindow from the ViewManager and move 
        the relevant code to the MainWindow class itself.  
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      * Move Konsole classes into their own namespace · c2d98d13
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      * Renaming:
      	TEHistory  -> History
      	TEScreen   -> Screen
      	TESession  -> Session
      	TEmulation -> Emulation
      	TEmuVt102  -> Vt102Emulation
      	TEPty	   -> Pty
      * Move some XKB functions into their own source file
      * Some #include tidy-ups
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      * New approach to handling scrolling views on the same session · d746c96c
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        independantly.  Added ScreenWindow class which represents a window
        onto a terminal screen.  Each terminal view has one screen window
        associated with it.
        This breaks the original design choice of not having the view know anything
        about the session it was displaying, but I feel that no longer makes 
        sense when there is more than one view on a session.
        Still work-in-progress
      * Add methods to support tooltips in filters
      * Add start of new history size dialog which I hope is easier to understand.
      * Internal renaming for clarity
      	ca 	-> Character
      	cacol	-> CharacterColor
      	ca.c	-> ca.character
      	ca.r	-> ca.rendition
      	ca.f 	-> ca.foregroundColor
      	ca.b	-> ca.backgroundColor
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      * Add icons for various actions · b7b9e626
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      * Uncheck split-view menu action when detaching the view
      * Fix deletion of characters in the terminal display image.
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      · aa3e470c
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      * Start using the SessionManager in the Konsole main window.  Use SessionManager
        to create the 'New <Session Type>' menu items and create a new
        session when they are selected.
        (Temporarily breaks creation of sessions from bookmarks) 
      * Changed the tabbar's new session icon so that it displays a little up
        arrow instead of requring the user to click and hold.
        Made tabbar icons flat.
      * ++sanity checks in TEmulation image size change
      * --debugging messages 
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      · b9285c3c
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      * Initial code for a SessionManager class, which will eventually serve as a central 
        place in the code for creating new sessions and managing existing active sessions.
        This also makes it possible in the future to make the various types of sessions
        available to applications using the embedded Konsole part.
      * As requested, added a confirmation dialog when enabling 'Send Input to All Sessions'.
      * TESession and TEmulation classes can now be created without a view initially.
        Also Qt4'ified the TESession API a little by avoiding having lots of arguments
        in the constructor. 
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