1. 05 Feb, 2022 2 commits
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    • Waqar Ahmed's avatar
      Optimize FileFilter · 0633ac93
      Waqar Ahmed authored and Tomaz  Canabrava's avatar Tomaz Canabrava committed
      When Underline Files is enabled and you 'ls' into a big directory,
      then hovering / selection becomes really slow.
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  16. 15 Feb, 2021 3 commits
    • Ahmad Samir's avatar
      FileFilter: make matching child files/dirs more precise · e57b6ea8
      Ahmad Samir authored
      - When we match child files/dirs of the current dir, either the item name
      is the "filename", or if it's a child-dir/somefile, then filename starts
      with "child-dir + '/'".
      To test create a file foo and a dir bar with a bar-file inside it then:
        - `ls`, foo and bar should be underlined
        - `ls bar/*`, bar/bar-file should be underlined
        - type bar..., before it would be underlined, after it won't be
      - Capture QString by reference in lambda.
    • Ahmad Samir's avatar
      FileFilter: don't create a hotspot for '................' · ac0b5ef4
      Ahmad Samir authored
      Only '.' and '..' could be valid hotspots, but '..........' isn't. The
      latter is used by some CLI tools to indicate progress ...etc.
      To test, in any dir use `ls -a`, Ctrl + clicking '.' and '..' should
      open the current dir and parent of the current dir respectively.
      Type .......... at the prompt, before it would get underlined, after no
      hotspot will be created for it.
      BUG: 432779
    • Ahmad Samir's avatar
      FileFilterHotspot: use QMimeDataBase::mimeTypeForFile() · f5be10b1
      Ahmad Samir authored and Kurt Hindenburg's avatar Kurt Hindenburg committed
      It seems there is no way around checking for the extension then falling
      back to letting QMimeDataBase examine the file contents; e.g. a file
      named konsolerc, doesn't have an extension, but it is still a text file.
  17. 20 Jan, 2021 1 commit
    • Ahmad Samir's avatar
      FileFilterHotSpot: check the mime type of the file after cleaning the path · a5f29806
      Ahmad Samir authored and Kurt Hindenburg's avatar Kurt Hindenburg committed
      QMimeDataBase will return "application/octet-stream" as the mime type
      of something like "path/to/some/textfile.txt:123:123:", because we are
      using methods from it that check only the file extension. That meant
      some valid text files with line/column suffixes couldn't be opened.
      Instead move the mime type check _after_ the file path has been cleaned.
      Also account for mime types that aren't recognized, e.g. a text file with
      no extension.
      BUG: 431601
  18. 12 Jan, 2021 1 commit
    • Ahmad Samir's avatar
      FileFilterHotspot: check the mime type before opening with text editor · 43c14e98
      Ahmad Samir authored
      When activating a file filter hot spot, everything got opened with the text
      editor specified in the profile settings, which is wrong e.g. with pdf or
      png files. Check the mime type of the file path, based only on the extension
      so as to keep things fast.
      Also rename openWithSysDefaultEditor() to openWithSysDefaultApp(), which is
      more accurate.
      BUG: 431496
  19. 02 Jan, 2021 3 commits
    • Ahmad Samir's avatar
      FileFilterHotspot: fix a couple of issues · 5cb21217
      Ahmad Samir authored
      - Handle `grep -n` output with long lines, where there is no space
        after "path/to/file:123:", we can send "path/to/file:123:bla" to
        a text editor and it seems most of them just ignore the text after
        the last ":"
      - If the session pointer is null, there is nothing to do
      - Guard against editorCmd not having any spaces in it, which it could
        be with the "Custom" entry (from the combobox)
      - Even when the file URL doesn't match the /path/to/file:line:column
        pattern try to use the editor specified in the profile settings
    • Ahmad Samir's avatar
      EditProfileDialog: add combobox to select custom text editor · bf75cfa9
      Ahmad Samir authored
      The functionality to open a file at a certain line/column in a text editor
      was added in commit 923f8d14. Here some preset text editors are added
      to make it easier to select your preferred text editor to use; the syntax
      for each editor is hard-coded, however there is a "custom" entry in the
      combobox where the user can set a different text editor (or a different
      This combobox is inspired by the "Code Navigation" menu in Heaptrack.
    • Carlos Alves's avatar
      Remove deprecated functions · 343d8595
      Carlos Alves authored
      Konsole minimum required version is QT 5.14 and KF5 5.71, there is no
      need to keep support for those deprecated functions.
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