Commit 3c3ec56d authored by Mariusz Glebocki's avatar Mariusz Glebocki
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Change control characters descriptions

parent 5e142c9d
......@@ -3175,45 +3175,49 @@ void TerminalDisplay::doPaste(QString text, bool appendReturn)
static const auto isUnsafe = [](const QChar &c) {
return (c.category() == QChar::Category::Other_Control && !whitelist.contains(c.unicode()));
// Returns control sequence string (e.g. "^C") for control character c
static const auto charToSequence = [](const QChar &c) {
if (c.unicode() <= 0x1F) {
return QStringLiteral("^%1").arg(QChar(u'@' + c.unicode()));
} else if (c.unicode() == 0x7F) {
return QStringLiteral("^?");
} else if (c.unicode() >= 0x80 && c.unicode() <= 0x9F){
return QStringLiteral("^[%1").arg(QChar(u'@' + c.unicode() - 0x80));
return QString();
const QMap<ushort, QString> characterDescriptions = {
{0x0003, i18n("End Of Text/Interrupt: may exit the current process")},
{0x0004, i18n("End Of Transmission: may exit the current process")},
{0x0007, i18n("Bell: will try to emit an audible warning")},
{0x0008, i18n("Backspace")},
{0x0013, i18n("Device Control Three/XOFF: suspends output")},
{0x001a, i18n("Substitute/Suspend: may suspend current process")},
{0x001b, i18n("Escape: used for manipulating terminal state")},
{0x001c, i18n("File Separator/Quit: may abort the current process")},
QStringList unsafeCharacters;
for (const QChar &c : text) {
if (isUnsafe(c)) {
QString description;
switch(c.unicode()) {
case u'\x03':
description = i18n("^C Interrupt: May abort the current process");
case u'\x04':
description = i18n("^D End of transmission: May exit the current process");
case u'\x07':
description = i18n("^G Bell: Will try to emit an audible warning");
case u'\x08':
description = i18n("^H Backspace");
case u'\x13':
description = i18n("^S Scroll lock: Locks terminal output");
case u'\x1a':
description = i18n("^Z Suspend: Stops current process");
case u'\x1b':
description = i18n("ESC: Used for special commands to the current process");
description = ki18n("Other unprintable character (\\x%1)").subs(c.unicode(), 0, 16).toString();
const QString sequence = charToSequence(c);
const QString description = characterDescriptions.value(c.unicode(), QString());
QString entry = QStringLiteral("U+%1").arg(c.unicode(), 4, 16, QLatin1Char('0'));
if(!sequence.isEmpty()) {
entry += QStringLiteral("\t%1").arg(sequence);
if(!description.isEmpty()) {
entry += QStringLiteral("\t%1").arg(description);
if (!unsafeCharacters.isEmpty()) {
int result = KMessageBox::warningYesNoCancelList(window(),
i18n("The text you're trying to paste contains hidden unprintable characters, "
i18n("The text you're trying to paste contains hidden control characters, "
"do you want to filter them out?"),
i18nc("@title", "Filter"),
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