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Commit 41693fe9 authored by Mariusz Glebocki's avatar Mariusz Glebocki Committed by Kurt Hindenburg

Fix "Draw intense colors in bold font" feature

Make the feature work and improve it slightly - the weight used as bold
is dependent on selected font's weight. "Regular" will use "Bold", but
e.g. "Thin" will use "Light".

`styleName` is almost always redundant - all font properties like
weight, stretch, etc, are stored separately.

Source Code Pro 12pt with font weight set to: Extra Light, Light,
Regular, Medium, Semibold, Bold:

Test Plan:
In every case: turn on "Draw intense colors in bold font" in Edit
Profile → Appearance.

**The feature:**

* Use some font which has "Bold" style available and set it to "Regular"
* Run: `printf '\033[1mBold|\033[0m|Normal\n'`
* "Bold|" text should use bold font.

**Different weights:**

* Use some font which has multiple weights available (e.g. Thin, Bold,
  Heavy, ...), e.g. Source Code Pro.
* Select lightest style.
* Run: `printf '\033[1mBold|\033[0m|Normal\n'`
* Select "regular" font style.
* Bold text for "regular" style should be bolder than the text for
  lightest style should be.

Reviewers: #konsole, #vdg, hindenburg

Reviewed By: #konsole, hindenburg

Subscribers: hindenburg, ngraham, konsole-devel

Tags: #konsole

Differential Revision:
parent d77e3449
......@@ -297,6 +297,11 @@ void TerminalDisplay::setVTFont(const QFont& f)
// Disabling kerning saves some computation when rendering text.
// "Draw intense colors in bold font" feature needs to use different font weights. StyleName
// property, when set, doesn't allow weight changes. Since all properties (weight, stretch,
// italic, etc) are stored in QFont independently, in almost all cases styleName is not needed.
QFontInfo fontInfo(newFont);
// QFontInfo::fixedPitch() appears to not match QFont::fixedPitch()
......@@ -740,25 +745,32 @@ void TerminalDisplay::drawCharacters(QPainter& painter,
// setup bold and underline
bool useBold = (((style->rendition & RE_BOLD) != 0) && _boldIntense) || font().bold();
const int normalWeight = font().weight();
// +26 makes "bold" from "normal", "normal" from "light", etc. It is 26 instead of not 25 to prefer
// bolder weight when 25 falls in the middle between two weights. See QFont::Weight
const int boldWeight = normalWeight + 26;
const auto isBold = [boldWeight](const QFont &font) { return font.weight() >= boldWeight; };
const bool useBold = (((style->rendition & RE_BOLD) != 0) && _boldIntense);
const bool useUnderline = ((style->rendition & RE_UNDERLINE) != 0) || font().underline();
const bool useItalic = ((style->rendition & RE_ITALIC) != 0) || font().italic();
const bool useStrikeOut = ((style->rendition & RE_STRIKEOUT) != 0) || font().strikeOut();
const bool useOverline = ((style->rendition & RE_OVERLINE) != 0) || font().overline();
QFont font = painter.font();
if (font.bold() != useBold
|| font.underline() != useUnderline
|| font.italic() != useItalic
|| font.strikeOut() != useStrikeOut
|| font.overline() != useOverline) {
QFont currentFont = painter.font();
if (isBold(currentFont) != useBold
|| currentFont.underline() != useUnderline
|| currentFont.italic() != useItalic
|| currentFont.strikeOut() != useStrikeOut
|| currentFont.overline() != useOverline) {
currentFont.setWeight(useBold ? boldWeight : normalWeight);
// setup pen
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