Commit 57c942d9 authored by Axel Navarro's avatar Axel Navarro Committed by Kurt Hindenburg
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Add default shortcut to switch-to-tab-9 action

Add the missing Alt+0 shortcut to the 10th tab to complete the range
from Alt+1 to Alt+0 in the keyboard
parent 020f5655
......@@ -252,9 +252,12 @@ void ViewManager::setupActions()
collection->addAction(QStringLiteral("switch-to-tab-%1").arg(i), action);
_multiTabOnlyActions << action;
// only add default shortcut bindings for the first 9 tabs, regardless of SWITCH_TO_TAB_COUNT
// only add default shortcut bindings for the first 10 tabs, regardless of SWITCH_TO_TAB_COUNT
if (i < 9) {
collection->setDefaultShortcut(action, QStringLiteral("Alt+%1").arg(i + 1));
} else if (i == 9) {
// add shortcut for 10th tab
collection->setDefaultShortcut(action, Qt::ALT + Qt::Key_0);
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