Commit 6e715d8c authored by Tomaz  Canabrava's avatar Tomaz Canabrava Committed by Kurt Hindenburg

Remove virtual for non-virtual calls

TerminalDisplay is internal to Konsole, and it's never inherited,
that means that the 'virtual' on those functions are dummy and
does nothing besides increase the VTable size.

Reviewers: #konsole, hindenburg

Reviewed By: #konsole, hindenburg

Subscribers: konsole-devel

Tags: #konsole

Differential Revision:
parent d2dd767e
......@@ -749,17 +749,13 @@ Q_SIGNALS:
void focusGained();
// events
bool event(QEvent *event) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE;
void paintEvent(QPaintEvent *pe) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE;
void showEvent(QShowEvent *event) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE;
void hideEvent(QHideEvent *event) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE;
void resizeEvent(QResizeEvent *event) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE;
void contextMenuEvent(QContextMenuEvent *event) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE;
virtual void fontChange(const QFont &);
void focusInEvent(QFocusEvent *event) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE;
void focusOutEvent(QFocusEvent *event) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE;
void keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent *event) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE;
......@@ -769,11 +765,12 @@ protected:
void mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent *ev) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE;
void mouseReleaseEvent(QMouseEvent *ev) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE;
void mouseMoveEvent(QMouseEvent *ev) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE;
virtual void extendSelection(const QPoint &position);
void wheelEvent(QWheelEvent *ev) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE;
bool focusNextPrevChild(bool next) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE;
void fontChange(const QFont &);
void extendSelection(const QPoint &position);
// drag and drop
void dragEnterEvent(QDragEnterEvent *event) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE;
void dropEvent(QDropEvent *event) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE;
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