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Commit c442d223 authored by Joshua Noack's avatar Joshua Noack Committed by Kurt Hindenburg

Use default close button of KMessageWidget

D10935 introduced KMessageWidgets in TerminalDisplay for the "resume"
and "read-only" messages. This patch restores the default close button
and makes use of animateShow/animateHide. A nice plus is that I also
removed some code which has become obsolete AND that the messages
are now animated.


Test Plan:
Show/hide works like before.
Also still works if readonly and suspended at the same time.
Detaching works.

Reviewers: ach, #konsole, hindenburg

Reviewed By: #konsole, hindenburg

Subscribers: hindenburg, ach, #konsole

Tags: #konsole

Differential Revision:
parent 5eb9952b
......@@ -3355,25 +3355,19 @@ void TerminalDisplay::outputSuspended(bool suspended)
//all terminal emulators.
//If there isn't a suitable article available in the target language the link
//can simply be removed.
auto linkHandler = [this](const QString &url) {
if (url == QLatin1String("#close")) {
} else {
_outputSuspendedMessageWidget = createMessageWidget(i18n("<qt>Output has been "
"<a href=\"\">suspended</a>"
" by pressing Ctrl+S."
" Press <b>Ctrl+Q</b> to resume."
" Click <a href=\"#close\">here</a> to dismiss this message.</qt>"), linkHandler);
" Press <b>Ctrl+Q</b> to resume.</qt>"));
connect(_outputSuspendedMessageWidget, &KMessageWidget::linkActivated, this, [this](const QString &url) {
suspended ? _outputSuspendedMessageWidget->animatedShow() : _outputSuspendedMessageWidget->animatedHide();
void TerminalDisplay::dismissOutputSuspendedMessage()
......@@ -3381,15 +3375,12 @@ void TerminalDisplay::dismissOutputSuspendedMessage()
KMessageWidget* TerminalDisplay::createMessageWidget(const QString &text, std::function<void (const QString&)> linkHandler) {
KMessageWidget* TerminalDisplay::createMessageWidget(const QString &text) {
auto widget = new KMessageWidget(text);
connect(widget, &KMessageWidget::linkActivated, this, linkHandler);
_verticalLayout->insertWidget(0, widget);
return widget;
......@@ -3399,20 +3390,13 @@ void TerminalDisplay::updateReadOnlyState(bool readonly) {
if (readonly) {
// Lazy create the readonly messagewidget
if (_readOnlyMessageWidget == nullptr) {
auto linkHandler = [this](const QString &url) {
if (url == QLatin1String("#close")) {
_readOnlyMessageWidget = createMessageWidget(i18n("<qt>This terminal is read-only. <a href=\"#close\">Dismiss</a></qt>"), linkHandler);
_readOnlyMessageWidget = createMessageWidget(i18n("This terminal is read-only."));
if (_readOnlyMessageWidget != nullptr) {
readonly ? _readOnlyMessageWidget->animatedShow() : _readOnlyMessageWidget->animatedHide();
......@@ -21,8 +21,6 @@
#include <functional>
// Qt
#include <QColor>
#include <QPointer>
......@@ -882,7 +880,7 @@ private:
Screen::DecodingOptions currentDecodingOptions();
// Boilerplate setup for MessageWidget
KMessageWidget* createMessageWidget(const QString &text, std::function<void (const QString&)> linkHandler);
KMessageWidget* createMessageWidget(const QString &text);
// the window onto the terminal screen which this display
// is currently showing.
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